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IOTA and the Internet of Things

What is IOTA? IOTA is a revolutionary new transactional settlement and data integrity layer for the Internet of Things. It’s based on a new distributed...

A beginners guide to exploring the darkweb

What is the Darkweb / Darknet? An introduction There’s an Internet that hides just under the surface of the mainstream web most of us use...

How does the blockchain work (for Dummies) explained simply

Blockchain is a hot topic around the world these days, yet for many, the technology remains an elusive concept. Yet it shouldn’t, the concept...

Was bedeutet Cyber Security ?

Cyber Security wird oft in Verbindung mit IT-Sicherheit, Informationssicherheit, Computer-Sicherheit gebracht und ist als der Schutz von Computern, deren Software oder Hardware bzw. digitalen...